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Award-winning innovative bridles, hand-made in Germany

What makes the award-winning Equibridle® so special is the wide nose pad, which is super comfortable for your horse (optimal pressure distribution) and the neck patches, which leave the sensitive dorsal neck area of the horse free thanks to a kind of bridge construction.

The design highlight: available in more than 20 colours with embroidery options.

Equibridle CLASSIC

Equibridle® Classic is perfect for actively competing riders since it is designed like a classic bridle with the option to use it as a double bridle.

  • Neck Patches
  • Innovative, horse-friendly nose pad
  • Browband
  • Curb function (optional)

Equibridle VARIO

The Equibridle Vario is the right choice if you want to practice both with and without a bit, or if you want to easily and effortlessly switch from bitless riding to riding with a bit (or vice versa).

  • Neck Patches (to relieve pressure on the pol)
  • Innovative, horse-friendly nose pad
  • Sidepull rings
  • Bithanger for snaffle function
  • Guide ring(D-Ring) on chinstrap (optional)