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Animal Herbal Health


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    Stress Free Silent 4

    Silent 4 assists the body to adapt against stress by maintaining the functions of the adrenal glands and supporting its non-specific resistance to combat any environmental variations and various untoward influences. It therefore helps the horse to cope more easily with the situation, without impairing their performance.
    • Reduces stress
    • Reduces excitable behaviour
    • Helps with travelling
    • Helps with separation anxiety
    • Induces calmness
    • Aids relaxation
    • Helps with concentration
    • Helps maintain performance during competitions
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    MuddyMed is formulated and designed to reduce the spread of digital dermatitis and will diminish the use of antibiotics and medication. Unlike other mud fever products MuddyMed soothes open sores on the horse while at the same time tackling the infection. It is harmless when diluted and brought in to contact with human skin. Also, the horse will be more comfortable and it is safe for all animals.
    • Reducing Digital Dermatitis
    • Kills Harmful Bacteria
    • Reduces Veterinarian Costs
    • Lowering Pain
    • Assists Mobility
    • Improves Animal Welfare
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    Remount is a general tonic that helps horses to maintain health and vitality for longer. Assists in recovery from poor general health or from an illness. It is designed to support normal liver function and assist with detoxification. A properly functioning liver is essential for the health and well being of your horse and pony. Remount is suitable for use by all horses and ponies from racehorses, competition horses to happy hackers and those retired. Suitable for all ages including foals.
    • Relieves Liver disease
    • Reduces toxins
    • Supports normal liver function
    • Reduces allergies
    • Helps with inflammation
    • Helps the immune system
    • Improves health and vitality
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    Respiratory Problems in Horses

    Originally developed for racehorses to ease respiratory issues after hard exercise, it has now been found to help any horse or pony. Our product assists all equines at risk from runny noses or coughing, caused by viruses, stress, exercise or from allergies e.g. fungal, dust or pollen. This product can ease all associated symptoms.
    • Reduces Snots, Coughs & Colds
    • Helps to Resist Equine Flu
    • Eases breathing
    • Reduces EIPH
    • Eases COPD
    • Maintains normal lung function
    Buy directly from the UK manufacturer ANIMAL HERBAL HEALTH
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    ULC30EX Plus

    Ulc30EX Plus is a unique product. It is a combination of natural herbal ingredients designed to target ulcers in the fore and hind gut and reduce the pain caused by them. The ingredients have been scientifically proven to relieve ulcer symptoms and to reduce ulcers.
    • Reduce equine gastric ulcers
    • Money back guarantee
    • Relieves stomach pain
    • Reduces gastric acid
    • Lowers irritability
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    Kickstart for Foals

    Kickstart is designed to help foals get a good start in life. Given at birth for a few days Kickstart will help build the  immune system, aid digestive functions and will reduce anxiety, which will help the foal to be more alert and less stressed.
    • Aids Digestive Function
    • Helps build the immune system
    • Relives anxiety which is common after birth
    • Helps improve growth rate
    • Helps general well-being
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    Elastin for Horses

    Ideal for any horse or pony with symptoms which may have mobility issues. Factors affecting a horse’s mobility can be age, weight, lifestyle and any genetic predisposition. Elastin can be given to any age and any type of horse or pony from those racing, in competitions or just being ridden, to those retired. This product assists with normal joint and muscle mobility and function.
    • Helps to ease arthritis
    • Assists with joint problems
    • Assists with mobility
    • Assists with sore muscles
    • Assists with stiffness
    • Assists with certain age related symptoms
    • Helps improve performance
    • Helps general well-being