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The award-winning Equibridle Emilia is designed for fans of the so-called “Old English” or “Iberian” buckle. The cheek strap is lightly fixed so that the noseband passes through it and can be buckled up at three different positions at that height. As a result, the bit is even steadier in the mouth, and the reins put light pressure not only on the mouth, but also minimally on the soft padded noseband.

– Neck Patches
– Innovative, horse-friendly nose pad
– The noseband can be removed and positioned at different heights (loops).

Every Equizaum® is professionally hand-made on order, apart from the standard black version. Therefore, the delivery times might vary.

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Attention: Neon colours might stain.

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The Equitbridle Emilia has been designed for all fans of „old English“ or „Iberian“ bridles: here, the jaw strap as a little more fixed, due to the fact that nose band is fed through the strap. This allows for the positioning in three different heights. The bit will be even more quiet in the horse’s mouth, and the pressure is partially distributed to the softly padded nose band.


  • Neck Patches
  • Innovative, horse-friendly nose pad
  • The nose band can be removed and positioned at different heights (loops).


  • Guide ring (D-ring) on the chinstrap


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