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ULC30EX Plus

ULC30EX Plus


Ulc30EX Plus is a unique product. It is a combination of natural herbal ingredients designed to target ulcers in the fore and hind gut and reduce the pain caused by them. The ingredients have been scientifically proven to relieve ulcer symptoms and to reduce ulcers.

  • Reduce equine gastric ulcers
  • Money back guarantee
  • Relieves stomach pain
  • Reduces gastric acid
  • Lowers irritability

ULC30EX Plus – Reducing Equine Ulcers in the Fore and Hind Gut

Ulc30EX Plus is a unique product. It is a combination of natural herbal ingredients designed to target ulcers in the fore and hind gut and reduce the pain caused by them. The ingredients have been scientifically proven to relieve ulcer symptoms and to reduce ulcers.

Before you buy…

Does your horse have Gastric Ulcers or EGUS?

Gastric stomach ulcers in horses are extremely common. A collection of over 100 scientific reports revealed that 88% of racehorses and 67% of private/performance horses have gastric ulcers.

Based on these figures, it is hardly surprising that many horse owners and trainers contact vets or nutritionists to seek advice as to why their horse appears to be listless, irritable or lethargic.

 Naturally there can be other ailments that can lead to similar symptoms, but because equine ulcers are so common within horses, it is common practice to rule ulcers out first.

Signs of Equine Gastric Ulcers

Low Appetite
Decrease in Performance
Poor or Dull Coat
Weight Loss
Deteriorating Body Condition


What are Gastric Ulcers in Horses?

Gastric ulcers in horses occur when there is an imbalance of acid levels within the horses gut. If the naturally occurring stomach acid comes in contact with the upper part of the stomach lining, it can burn the lining area and create ulcers.

What Causes Equine Gastric Ulcers?

Gastric stomach ulcers in horses usually occur due to three main reasons.

1. Change of diet or limited access to forage

As ulcers appear in the stomach, it is natural to look at the horses diet before anything else. Ulcers occur less in horses in the natural environment because they can graze for up to 15 or 16 hours per day. As horses differ from humans in the fact that they produce stomach acid continuously, eating for prolonged periods of time ensures that they keep their PH levels low. Therefore, acidity levels become reduced as forage passes quickly through the horses system and because the horse naturally produces antacid bicarbonate in its saliva when it chews.

Therefore, if you feed your horse with a high-concentrate diet with limited access to forage, it will be far more susceptible to gastric ulcers as the stomach acidity levels will increase. In such cases it is a good idea to also have hay available to encourage natural forage as part of the diet.

Any period of fasting or leaving the horse without forage will increase the chance of ulcers occurring as the acidity levels within the stomach will rise.

2. Over training and exercise

As the scientific studies suggested, performance horses are more susceptible to have ulcers than regular ponies and horses because of additional factors.

When horses are subjected to stress of any kind, acidity within the stomach naturally rises and can cause harm unless it is controlled through a supplement.

Over training without such treatment creates gastric juices resulting in ulceration and sometimes bleeding.

3. Stress

Stress can be caused by a number of factors. These can include movement from one event to another, over training and pain. Therefore, if your horse already has an ulcer that creates pain, then more ulcers can follow if they are not treated.

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How do You Identify Gastric Ulcers in Horses?

The only way an owner can be sure the horse has ulcers is to have its ‘stomach scoped’ – Esophagogastroscopy

The process will enable the veterinary to see ulcers on screen immediately as most ulceration occurs in the squamous part of the stomach area where the build up of acid has burned through.

Esophagogastroscopy can be extremely expensive for a short visit, so based on the facts above it is wise to treat your horse with ULC30EX Plus beforehand.

Using our scientifically proven product will have no adverse affects with any medication your horse may already be on and it completely safe to use at all times.

Summary of Gastric Ulcers in Horses

Racehorses, competition horses and ponies at highest risk of gastric ulcers are those whose activities, routine and/or inappropriate feeding practices make them more susceptible.

Problems with modern medicines

To our knowledge, there is not one modern medicine that actively reduces equine ulcers. They simply reduce the symptoms given from the ulcer. Think of it this way; when a human has indigestion it is caused by a build up of acid within the stomach. Therefore, taking a remedy such as a high street brand of anti-acid, will relieve the symptom – not the problem of over-eating.

A horse’s stomach will produce a boil up of acid if ulcers are present. Most modern medicines simply reduce the acid to temporarily neutralise the acid. They do not reduce the ulcer which causes the acid.

Why ULC30EX Plus is different

Our scientists have developed a proven natural herbal supplement that reduces the acid AND targets the ulcers.

Research has estimated that up to 88% of all sport horses have ulcers, so improving the gut-health by including herbal and digestive aids will enhance your horse’s attitude, appetite, physical condition, and performance. We all know that when a horse feels better it will perform, behave, and look better too.

When horses eat, most of what is consumed is digested in the fore gut. We have formulated ULC30EX Plus so that it can travel to the hind gut as well as the fore gut so that its herbal benefits can attack ulcers that have been unreachable in the past.

Scientific Trials of ULC30EX Plus

Trials that have included ‘scoping’ have proven that the ulcers can be reduced by up to 80% within the first six weeks course. The ingredients in Ulc30EX Plus improve the health of the horse and boosts its digestion so that all food is digested so it does not get expelled into the horses system as toxins. Horses that do not perform or look as well as expected will improve,  look and behave much better within a few days.

The type of improvement seen is that they will put on weight as expected and their coat will look much better. We have seen horses behaviour change within a few days, their eyes get brighter and they are more reliable, plus we have also seen their hooves are easier to manage.

The herbal combination and other aids will help and assist the stomach to get rid of ulcers and any that have migrated to the hind gut as good food digestion is fuel for white blood cells that fight off infection within the body and in addition can aid in the healing process.

1 litre ought to be enough if it is used as directed to start then the amount given is gradually reduced.

Additional information

Bottle Size

500 ml at £30, 1 l at £45


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